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        Executive Member Committee

        Prof T Mthembu

        Professor TZ Mthembu

        Vice-Chancellor and Principal

        Professor Thandwa Zizwe Mthembu is an experienced academic and leader who joined the Durban University of Technology Community in October 2016 as…

        Prof Gwele

        Professor Nomthandazo Gwele

        Deputy Vice-Chancellors: Teaching and Learning

        Prof Gwele obtained her professional education and training as a nurse. She graduated from the Frere College of

        Prof Moyo

        Professor S Moyo

        Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research, Innovation & Engagement

        Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Engagement, Associate Director & Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Physics

        Dr Mach

        Dr IZ Machi

        Deputy Vice-Chancellor: People and Operations


        Professor TN Andrew

        Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Teaching and Learning

        Professor Theo Andrew qualified and worked, lectured, and consulted in the field of Electrical Engineering for over 25 years. He is a Fellow of the…


        Dr TS Pillay


        Dr Pillay has served in the administration of higher education for 28 years, after serving as a high

        Prof Olugbara

        Professor O Olugbara

        Executive Dean: Faculty of Accounting and Informatics

        Professor Oludayo, O. Olugbara is the leader of the ICT and Society (ICTAS) Niche Research Group and the Vice Chair of Space Science Research Group at…

        Prof s Singh

        Professor S Singh

        Executive Dean: Faculty of Applied Sciences

        Professor Suren Singh assumed the position of lecturer in September 1997 at the former M.L. Sultan Technikon (now DUT) when research was still at its…

        R Smith

        Dr R Smith

        Executive Dean: Faculty of Arts and Design

        Dr Réne Smith is a media and development researcher, scholar and speaker. She has a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of…

        Dean Paul Musonge

        Professor P Musonge

        Acting Executive Dean: Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment

        Professor Paul Musonge joined the Durban University of Technology in 2012, after an international academic career across a wide

        Prof N Sibiya

        Professor N Sibiya

        Executive Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences


        Professor V Rawjee

        Acting Executive Dean: Faculty of Management Sciences



        Senior Director: Policy Planning and Projects


        Mr S Kharwa

        Chief Risk Officer

        Saleem Kharwa is a professional accountant and joined the University in 1996 as lecturer in the Department of Accounting. He served as HOD of…


        Mr MR Mthethwa

        Interim Chief Financial Officer


        Dr R Thabede

        Interim Director: Midlands Centre


        Dr VL Mthethwa

        Senior Director: Human Resources

        Dr Mohale

        Dr D Mohale

        Director: Special Projects

        Dr David Mohale holds a PhD in the field of Development Studies from the University of South Africa.

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