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        Red Cap Foundation Compstart

        Red Cap Foundation Compstart

        Date: Friday, 30 July 2010
        Venue: Mr Price Group Headquarters’ Auditorium,
        35 Masabalala Yengwa Avenue (formerly NMR Avenue)
        Time: 12.30pm

        Durban University of Technology has partnered with the Mr Price Red Cap Foundation and the Dell South Africa Development Fund, to address the digital divide in South Africa. The annual project sponsors 10 schools with 20 computers with lab equipment.

        This is South Africa’s single largest digital program with 750 new PC’s donated to date. This July, nine schools will receive 180 donated PC’s. To ensure youth involvement and development, each school is tasked to have their learners put together a Power Point presentation on a contemporary topic. The computer based competition is aimed at stimulating creative thinking and encourages research and reading.

        Schools which have received PC’s through the programme are also provided with educator training workshops as part of the university’s social responsibility program.

        For more information, please contact:
        Collin Thakur
        Enterprise Development Unit HOD
        Computer Society of South Africa KZN Chapter Chairman
        Computer Society of South Africa Treasurer
        Office: 031 373 6991
        Mobile: 083-787-6991
        E-mail: thakur@dut.ac.za

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