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        DUT: Time of the Writer

        DUT: Time of the Writer


        The Journalism Programme (Department of Media, Language and Communication) in conjunction with the 11th Time of the Writer, International writers Festival brings to DUT two well known writers, Max du Preez and Joe-Anne Richards. These writers will participate in a writing workshop at the Arthur Smith Hall on the 26 March 2008: 11:00 to 13:00.

        Jo-Anne Richards is the author of the enormously popular novel- The Innocence of Roast Chicken, which topped the South African bestseller list for 15 weeks. Not- only is Joe-Anne a novelist, but she has published short stories in five collections and, is an experienced trainer, who has designed and taught courses in different aspects of journalism and literary writing. Richards has also written features for several international titles, including the Guardian (UK) and Talk and Vanity Fair (New York).

        Max du Preez is a seasoned journalist, columnist, television anchor, documentary producer and newspaper editor. Du Preez started the only Afrikaans anti- apartheid newspaper, Vrye Weekbald that featured stories about the apartheid death squads as well as the torture and assassinations of the apartheid government’s police force.

        Staff, students and members of the public are welcome to attend the workshop. Those in attendance will be able to engage in discussion with the writers and get an insight into what it really feels like to be a great writer.

        Issued by:
        Prinola Govender
        Public Relations Intern
        Journalism Programme
        Department of Media, Language and Communication
        Durban University of Technology
        Tel: 031 373 6621
        Fax: 031 373 6623
        Email: prinola_govender@yahoo.com

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